My name is Diana. I’m 42 years old, with two small kids, and I’ve had multiple sclerosis for 15 years. My MS has predominately affected my legs, wherein they are weak and I have drop foot in both feet. Regardless of my MS I had remained very independent until my drop foot and leg weakness progressed to the point that I could no longer drive or walk a block without a scooter. Not being able to drive erased my independence completely.

Shirley Rolin and her team at Driver Rehab Therapy changed that. When I was assessed by the Driver Rehab Therapy occupational therapist, she and Shirley devised and assessed a treatment plan that completely changed my life. I thought that I had only needed hand controls. However, after my assessment I was shown a spinner knob, hand controls, a seat that would lift me to my vehicle driver seat and a scooter lift that I could manage independently. What a feeling, to not only be able to drive, but to also be able to go anywhere with my scooter and have a lift that allows me to take my scooter in and out of my vehicle on my own.

Words can not express how grateful and thankful I am for the skills, knowledge and expertise of Shirley Rolin and the staff at Driver Rehab Therapy. I have regained my independence and I am most grateful.

Diana A., client

I would like to congratulate Driver Rehab Therapy for having such professional employees as in Janice Yeung and Don Haberer. I found them to be very respectful  and friendly. When and if I get my temporary 90 day licence from MTO, I look forward to meeting them again for training in the use of hand controls. I walked away yesterday from my Driver Assessment with Janice and Don feeling good about my capabilities- something I have not felt in awhile. I thank them again.

Guy R., client

As a Case Manager, my caseload includes clients with catastrophic injuries including brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.  I know that when I refer a client to Driver Rehab Therapy for driving or transportation issues, Shirley and her team of experienced OTs and driving instructors will provide the most professional and thorough care.  From dealing with licensing issues related to The Ministry of Transportation to the purchase of a vehicle, I know I can always count on Driver Rehab Therapy.

Barb Huisman, Case Manager, Optimal Outcomes Inc.

I would like to acknowledge Shirley Rolin and Driver Rehab Therapy for her dedicated work with clients I have referred to her over the years. Whenever possible, the staff at Driver Rehab Therapy works to return clients to driving , regaining independence lost in motor vehicle accidents. She understands how much driving means to people and is committed to working with their rehab teams.  The feedback from clients regarding Shirley and the staff of Driver Rehab Therapy has always been positive and encouraging. Thanks to Shirley and her entire team.

Judith Suraski RN, Case Manager, Rehabilitation Planning Inc.